Sermon: He Came to His Own and His Own Received Him No. Matthew 13:53-58

He Came to His Own and His Own Received Him Not

Matthew 13:53-58

Truth Taught- People are either divinely drawn to Jesus or offended by Jesus

Sermon Outline:

1.  Being Astonished is Not Believing

2.  Being Offended Shows Unbelief

Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory-Part 3 2 Cor. 10:3-5

The New Religion and The Church

     Last week, we looked at the New Religion and the Plain Old Truth. We finished up the pillars of this cult by looking at the new priesthood and the new canon. We looked at all the other chaos going on in our culture right now and were set to look at the plain old Truth. Somehow, I lost about 25 minutes last week. I do not know where the time went and we did not get to this last point. But I made sure to weave it in throughout this lesson.

     I realize this study has been hard. It’s not been the most encouraging so far. We WILL get to that point. But sometimes, we need to let things just settle in a bit. Oftentimes, we go about in a daze, going from one event to the next without really grasping the magnitude of them. We need to see the seriousness of this. We need to see the danger. Hopefully, that will allow us to not only appreciate more of what God has given us, but to join in the fight as well.

     Today, we will look at The New Religion and The Church.

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Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory: The New Religion and The Plain Old Truth (part 2)

Last week, we looked at some Terms and The New Religion. We saw what Critical Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Intersectionality was. We looked at the theology of this new religion, this new cult, and discussed how it contained the 6 days of creation and the original sin of racism. I’ve entitled today’s lesson, The New Religion and The Plain Old Truth. I hope to finish out the tenets of this new religion today and briefly discuss the other events occurring in our culture. And stay tuned. You won’t want to miss the rest of this study. Next week, LORD willing, we’ll look at how the new religion has infiltrated the Church and the last week will be what we’re to do about it. Again, if you have any questions, please ask.

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Sermon: The Treasure of the Word of God Matthew 13:51–52

Truth Taught- The Apostles are the true scribes of God’s Kingdom bringing out of their storehouses the treasures of God’s Word


Presuppositions can hinder us in finding truth or they can aid us in finding truth.  Now what I mean by presuppositions is the beliefs right or wrong we come to the table with when we read the Bible.  If your presuppositions are not biblical they will often hide truth from you.  They will hide biblical truth from you because your interpretive grid is wrong.  If your presuppositions are biblical then they will greatly aid your understanding of God’s Word because your interpretive grid is correct.

Today’s passage assumes a biblical presupposition…The Old Testament is Christian literature.  We could say it like this as well; the Old Testament is first and foremost a book about Jesus.

Let’s begin by laying out the proof of our presupposition, namely, the OT is Christian literature.

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Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory (Terms and The New Religion)

This will be a different kind of study. We mostly go through books of the Bible, of course. Occasionally, we’ll cover books covered by Godly authors. Every great now and then, we’ll do a study concerning what affects us where we are at here at SGC or where we are culturally.  This is such a study.   Usually, I ask several questions, but this study there won’t be many, at least in this first week.  So, if you have questions, make sure you get my attention, and I will pass them along to Pastor Brain.  This, along with the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrate, is the most important current event study we have done. Thursday, I wondered if it was more important than I realized because my laptop fried and I could not retrieve the lesson, so I had to start over.

     Paul writes in a couple of his letters…” we don’t want you to be unaware…”  That is why the Elders wanted to cover this. We are not experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we are concerned and ready to stand for Christ in this.  We will not stand by while enemies of Christ assault His people! To borrow language from Acts (17:6), “These men who have upset the world have come here also.” So, we want to cover this for 2 reasons: 

1. We need to know what they are teaching and how to respond to it. 

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Sermon: The Kingdom of God is Like a Dragnet Matthew 13:47–50

Truth Taught-  Jesus warns us of the day of judgment when our eternal destiny will be forever fixed either in Heaven or Hell.


We have before us today another of Jesus’ masterpieces.  He was the master storyteller and this Parable is a classic.  It is very similar to the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares that we addressed a few weeks ago.

Here are some points of similarity:  We are going to read about fish caught in a net and like the wheat and tares, they are together, side by side, in the net as the wheat and tares are side by side growing in the field.  There are two groups or classes.  There are the usable fish and then the ones that are worthless like the wheat gathered into the barn and the weeds bundled up and thrown into the everlasting fire of judgment.  In both stories the angels are the reapers.  There may be other similarities but you get the point.  We should ask the question why does Jesus tell two parables that are so similar in their teaching?  In the same vein, we may ask why did the Holy Spirit have Matthew record these parables that are so similar?  Why this repetition?  The repetition shows us the heart of Jesus our Savior.  He came to save and so He will repeat the fact that for those who do not believe the Gospel judgment waits, for those who do believe glory awaits.


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sermon: God’s Kingdom and It’s Small Beginning Matthew 13:31-35

Truth Taught- The Kingdom of God starts small and then grows until one day it is universal in magnitude. 


Today we are looking at two very short parables tucked away in between the passages we looked at last time.  Our Lord is teaching us truths and realities of the Kingdom of God that we who have ears to hear would miss if it weren’t for these parables.  
So far from the parable of the soils we learned that the Kingdom of God is made up of those whom God has called and prepared.  They are the good soil that receives the seed of the Gospel, grows and produces fruit.  

We also learned last time from the parable of the weeds that within God’s Kingdom now there is wheat and tares growing together in the world and it will be at the last day the field will be harvested and the weeds thrown into the fiery furnace and the wheat gathered into God’s barn.

So, at the end of the age there will be a separating of those who are God’s from those who are Satan’s. 


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Sermon: Matthew 13:24-30

Matthew 13:24-30

Sermon: Hearing What the Prophets Longed to Hear Matthew 13:1–23

Truth Taught- The disciples heard and understood Jesus speak and teach, something the Prophets only dreamed of. 


Today I’d like to read the Parable of the Sower and then look at Jesus’ explanation to His disciples.  What we should see here is that the spiritual insight God gives His people does not bring with it automatic knowledge that appears out of thin air to all who have the Holy Spirit but this knowledge is given by revelation.  

It works like this…

Watch for Jesus’ revelation to the disciples…
The disciples are those whom spiritual hearing has been granted.  Did you catch that last time?  The disciples did not decide one day to really listen close to Jesus’ words or His parables.  They didn’t compare notes and come up with an interpretation.  Matthew uses the phrase it has been given… 

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