Sermon: The Gift of the Word (James 1:16-18)

The Gift of the Word

James 1:16-18

Last week we saw the truth spoken by James. God is never responsible for evil. Because of God’s very nature it is impossible for Him to have anything to do with sin…except punish it.

James shift gears and begins to contrast the statements that people were making. Instead of blaming God for evil, James shows us what God is responsible for. Read More

Sermon: The Fatal Attraction of Sin (James 1:13-16)

The Fatal Attraction of Sin

James 1:13-16

So far in my messages from the Book of James we have been speaking of trials. According to what James has said up to this point we are to count them as joy based on the fact that God has in mind our growth. When we respond to them in a God honoring way we grow and mature in Christ-likeness. Read More

Sermon: Trading Places (James 1:9-12)

Trading Places

James 1:9-12

There is a misconception in our consumer driven culture.  The misconception is, money = security or money = happiness.  It’s interesting that of all the trials James could mention specifically, he begins speaking of the haves and the have-nots.

Here is an interesting statistic: Compared with Americans in 1957, today we own twice as many cars per person, eat out twice as often and enjoy endless other commodities that weren’t around then–big-screen TVs, microwave ovens, SUVs and handheld wireless devices, to name a few. But are we any happier?  Are our lives filled with ease and contentment?  The answer is that we are not happier.  We are not more content, in fact, we are the most unhappy and medicated culture ever to exist.  We spend our lives acquiring goods only to find they don’t satisfy.  They didn’t provide security, or make our lives easier.  They didn’t deliver what they said they would.  As a result, we are left with debt, bills, and depression.  Keeping up with the Jones’ is a race that leads nowhere but destruction.  Read More

What to Do When You Struggle to Obey

James 1:5-8


[5] If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.  [6] But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.  [7] For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;  [8] he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.


Last week we looked at the command by James to look on trials as joy because of the effect they will have, which is our Christian maturity.  We looked at the proper assessment of who we are which is what James calls a slave of Christ, the proper attitude which is counting trials as joy, and the proper effect of the trial which is our spiritual endurance. 


Well, you probably said to yourself that sounds real good.  I know that is what the Bible says.  I believe it to be true.  I know that it isn’t an option but a command.   I really want to obey but where do I begin? 

Our Dilemma Read More

A Biblical Alternative to Self-Pity


A Biblical Alternative to Self-Pity 3.30.08

James 1:1-4

James 1:1-4 (ESV)     

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,To the twelve tribes in the Dispersion:    Greetings.     [2] Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,  [3] for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  [4] And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Introduction-There are many responses to pain and suffering. 

-One can suffer and not believe in God. 

-One can suffer and be bitter toward God. 

-One can suffer and thank God. 

The Bible shows us how we can suffer and thank God.  Our tendency, even as Christians, is to suffer and become so focused on the suffering that we become self-absorbed in our pain.  Self-pity is the result.  Depression, gloom, and fear follow.  How is it that we, as believers, are to handle trouble that comes our way?  It will come.

Job 5:7 (ESV)      but man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward. Just as sparks in a fire go up because of heat, we will meet up with trouble because we live in a sinful world.James shows us in his opening that handling trouble God’s way begins with proper understanding of who we are and why we are to endure hardship.If we’re going to handle trouble in a way that brings God honor we must have a proper understanding of who we are. Read More