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Sermon: Free Indeed! John 8:36

Free Indeed!   Scripture Text: John 8:36 Truth Taught- All are slaves and only Jesus can set us free.  Sermon Outline:  I. Their Blind Condition  II. Our Only Hope A. The Son Sets Us Free B. The Son Allows Us to Move

Disciple Hour: 43

Disciple Hour: Genesis 42

Disciple Hour: Genesis 31

Sermon: Baptized Into Jesus’ Death and Life Romans 5:20-6:12

Truth Taught- Water baptism is the earthly portrayal of the heavenly reality 1.  Water Baptism Rightly Follows Salvation Promised in prophets in the Old Testament for those in the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon the church by Jesus Christ… Continue Reading “Sermon: Baptized Into Jesus’ Death and Life Romans 5:20-6:12”