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Sermon: Watch, See, Comprehend, and Believe Matthew 12:22-32

Truth Taught- Jesus does something only the Messiah could do and still the lost refuse to believe. Introduction Last time we looked together at the Servant Songs from Isaiah.  We saw in them clear prophecies zeroing in on Jesus as God’s Servant and as the… Continue Reading “Sermon: Watch, See, Comprehend, and Believe Matthew 12:22-32”

Sermon: Jesus, the Servant of God Matthew 12:15–21

Truth Taught- Jesus, God’s Servant will accomplish all things God has given Him to do. Introduction In the Book of Isaiah we have what has become known as the four Servant Songs.  They are prophetic poetry explaining what the Servant of God or His Messiah… Continue Reading “Sermon: Jesus, the Servant of God Matthew 12:15–21”

Sermon: Jesus’ Authority Over the Sabbath Matthew 12:1–14

Truth Taught- Jesus is Lord of everything including the Sabbath  Introduction We finished Matthew Chapter 11 last time and we were reminded about the Sovereignty and Authority of Jesus Christ.  He is in charge of salvation and He issues the universal call to come to… Continue Reading “Sermon: Jesus’ Authority Over the Sabbath Matthew 12:1–14”

Sermon: Thankful for Sovereignty Matthew 11:25–30

Truth Taught- Jesus is thankful for God’s Sovereignty in all things Introduction Let’s set the context of this passage.  Jesus has just welcomed the Apostles back from their missionary trip where they have shared the Gospel with many.  While they were gone, Jesus was also sharing… Continue Reading “Sermon: Thankful for Sovereignty Matthew 11:25–30”

Sermon: The Resurrection and the Sin of Idolatry Colossians 3:1–5

TT- Believers are raised with Christ so we should focus on heavenly things not earthly things To focus and worship earthly things rather than God is Idolatry… Idolatry is the selfish sin of substitution in which we devote ourselves to worship something or someone… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Resurrection and the Sin of Idolatry Colossians 3:1–5”

Sermon: Indifference or Repentance Matthew 11:16-24

Truth Taught- Jesus saves all who come to Him by faith, repenting of their sins and judges all who refuse.  Introduction So far in Chapter 11 we’ve seen John the Baptist’s estimate of Jesus.  We remember he had a question of clarification.  He didn’t fully realize… Continue Reading “Sermon: Indifference or Repentance Matthew 11:16-24”

Sermon: Greatness According to Jesus Matthew 11:7-19

Truth Taught- God declares John the Baptist to be the greatest human who has ever lived  Introduction What makes someone great?  Where the world is concerned it’s riches, fame or success.  A famous singer or athlete may be called great.  Some billionaire may be called great, their… Continue Reading “Sermon: Greatness According to Jesus Matthew 11:7-19”

Sermon: The Deeds of the Messiah Matthew 11:1-6

Truth Taught- Jesus is the Messiah proven by His Words and Deeds.  Introduction Our Gospel now turns from Jesus’ instructing the twelve and sending them off back to His ministry.  Jesus picks up where He left off preaching, teaching and doing all the amazing deeds… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Deeds of the Messiah Matthew 11:1-6”

Sermon: The Supremacy of Christ Matthew 10:34–42

Truth Taught- Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Introduction Today as we finish the section where Jesus is telling His disciples what to expect when they go out in His name speaking the Gospel He shares with… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Supremacy of Christ Matthew 10:34–42”

Pray for Pastor Coates

As we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world we (the elders) would like you to pray for the Pastor at GraceLife Church Edmonton Alberta Canada.   He has been imprisoned for refusing to close the doors to public gatherings.   Please read… Continue Reading “Pray for Pastor Coates”