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Sermon: Peace for a People Luke 2:1-21

 Peace for a People Luke 2:1-21 Primary Truth Taught- God receives maximum glory and we receive maximum peace as we are reconciled to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Luke 2:1–21 (ESV) 2 In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all… Continue Reading “Sermon: Peace for a People Luke 2:1-21”

Sermon: King Jesus Ascending His Throne (Luke 24:50-53)

King Jesus Ascending His Throne Luke 24:50-53 Introduction On October 10, 2010 we began this adventure with Luke as he faithfully told of the eyewitness accounts concerning his Lord and our, Jesus Christ.  His investigations and interviews of those who were actually there and… Continue Reading “Sermon: King Jesus Ascending His Throne (Luke 24:50-53)”

You Are Witnesses of These Things Luke 24:34-46 Introduction It is still the first day of the week early evening at dark when the Emmaus-road disciples catch up with the rest in Jerusalem.  We remember that the two disciples who were walking back to… Continue Reading “”

  The Lord Has Risen Indeed! Luke 24:13-35 Introduction Last week we covered some crucial points in our understanding of this passage.  We learned together that unbelief or confusion about the person of Christ and the Scriptures will result in spiritual blindness.  In order… Continue Reading “”

Unbelief, Must Be Fought with Truth Luke 24:13-27 Introduction This is one of those passages that speak volumes to believers.  It’s very similar to last week’s account, in that like the women who failed to believe the Word of God when Jesus told them… Continue Reading “”