Sermon: King Jesus Ascending His Throne (Luke 24:50-53)

King Jesus Ascending His Throne

Luke 24:50-53


On October 10, 2010 we began this adventure with Luke as he faithfully told of the eyewitness accounts concerning his Lord and our, Jesus Christ.  His investigations and interviews of those who were actually there and saw and heard Jesus proved to be a very profitable study.  We’ve seen Jesus heal those who society had all but written off.  We’ve experienced the sick made well, the blind actually open their eyes and see for the first time.  We’ve watched alongside the others as Jesus touches lepers and their skin becomes as soft as a baby’s.  As we read the Scriptures together, we were with them when Jesus placed His hand on the coffin of a widow’s only son and say, arise!  We were on the boat that day when the waves were about to capsize us.  Everyone was in a panic and Jesus was sleeping.  Sleeping in the midst of a storm, calm and peaceful.  The other woke Him and He says, oh you of little faith.  He then walked to the front of the ship stretches out His hand and actually rebuked the wind…Peace be still!… and the waves as if the storm could hear Him…the storm did hear and obeyed and immediately hushed its roar.  Everyone in the boat stood soaked to the bone, speechless.  Who is this Man that even can command the storm and the storm listens? Continue reading “Sermon: King Jesus Ascending His Throne (Luke 24:50-53)”

You Are Witnesses of These Things

Luke 24:34-46


It is still the first day of the week early evening at dark when the Emmaus-road disciples catch up with the rest in Jerusalem.  We remember that the two disciples who were walking back to Emmaus had Jesus walk up to them and begin asking them questions concerning the resent events.  Upon arriving at their house and after Jesus broke the bread and blessed it, their eyes were opened and they realized it was, in fact, the risen Lord seated with them at the table.  Immediately then, He vanishes right before their eyes.  Next, they head back to Jerusalem to find the others and tell them that Jesus has risen, indeed!

John tells us in His Gospel that when the two disciples return to Jerusalem they found the others in a house with the doors locked because they were afraid of the Jews… Continue reading


The Lord Has Risen Indeed!

Luke 24:13-35


Last week we covered some crucial points in our understanding of this passage.  We learned together that unbelief or confusion about the person of Christ and the Scriptures will result in spiritual blindness.  In order to understand the Bible, one must believe the things the Bible teaches us.

We also learned that unbelief also produces grief and sadness.  At the very time the disciples should have been celebrating the resurrection, they were mourning the death of their Messiah who wasn’t dead…why do you search for the living among the dead?

We also learned God’s perspective on the resent events…how that the cross was necessary for the salvation of His people and to enter into glory.

As we think through these issues today, I want to discover with you exactly what it was that the disciples did not believe that caused their blindness.  We understand the principle now that unbelief produces spiritual blindness but I want to take us a little deeper in this passage to find out what they failed to believe.  I think with the Holy Spirit’s help, we also can have our eyes opened to the things they failed to believe and perhaps we can avoid their dilemma of blindness.

Primary Claim of the Text

Spiritually blind eyes can only be opened with a proper understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ as found in God’s Word.

Human Condition Met By the Text

The passage today, addresses the great need we have to see Jesus correctly in the Word of God.  If we don’t see Jesus there and understand Him and His commandment from God’s Word then we will be eternally lost.  Just as these two disciples needed to see and believe, so too we need spiritual vision as given in God’s Word.

Please hear God’s Word for GCC today… Continue reading

Unbelief, Must Be Fought with Truth

Luke 24:13-27


This is one of those passages that speak volumes to believers.  It’s very similar to last week’s account, in that like the women who failed to believe the Word of God when Jesus told them that He would be abused, killed and that He would rise again, so too, these two followers of Christ failed to grasp the biblical meaning of Jesus’ death.  They too were aware of the details but did not believe enough to make the vital connection between Jesus’ Words and the reality they saw right before their eyes.

Notice with me that Jesus opens the Scriptures up to them before He revealed who He was.  They had a more dire need to understand and believe the Bible than to see Jesus face to face.  Also notice, that unbelief produces two things, blindness and sadness.  Then finally, notice the two different perspectives on the recent current events, man’s perspective and then God’s.

Primary Claim of the Text

Jesus Christ is what Moses and all the Prophets wrote about, He is the hero of every Prophecy, Narrative, Psalm, Proverb, and Vision. 

Human Condition Met By the Text

We too have a vital need today to really and truly believe the Bible and all it’s wonderful doctrines.  Most today say things like I’m not really interested in doctrine, just give me Jesus.  The fact is, we must understand who Jesus is and what He did and how that He was the One Moses and all the Prophets spoke of.  That is the foundation to seeing Jesus.

Do you believe God’s Word?  The truth is that we can answer yes to that question if, in fact, we are obeying what it tells us.  If it has changed our worldview and the way we conduct our lives then we can say we believe it.

The disciples had to see that all the OT passages that they had been taught all their lives were about Jesus. Continue reading

Unexpected Faith

Luke 24:1-12


Our text today is completely saturated with disciples who were not expecting Jesus to rise from the grave.  Even though the Lord told them over and over again that He would, they didn’t get it.  Whether their minds were so made up that Jesus was on His way to political fame and they were along for the ride or whether they could not comprehend the Son of God in all His miracle working abilities being captured and crucified, we don’t know.

Notice with me the fact that the women were expecting to find the body of Jesus exactly as it had been placed there three days before.  So to, when the disciples heard the news it was as if the thought of the resurrection of the Lord had never even crossed their minds before.  The idea of Jesus rising from the dead was foreign to them even though, again, Jesus had told them numerous times.

Primary Claim of the Text

Jesus rose from the dead like He said He would and yet the disciples struggled to believe.

Human Condition Met By the Text

We have need of pure and absolute belief in what the Word of God tells us regardless what our insights tell us.  Jesus told everyone He would rise again and no one believed Him.  His Words fell on deaf ears.  Their eyes and ears and experiences with Jesus trumped His Words.  They looked at Jesus and disregarded His Words.  Their senses were their authority over and above the Words of Jesus.  They all saw Jesus dead and placed in the tomb and that was their reality.  Nothing would convince them that what their eyes and ears were telling them was not the final reality.  It took the women seeing that Jesus was not their, dead and in the tomb and an angel declaring that He was raised for them to believe.  It would also be evident that none of the apostles believed because they saw Jesus dead.  They would even call the women, mad when they shared the news.

Beloved, we must view God’s Word as the ultimate reality, authority and truth no matter what we may think to be true.  Continue reading

Sermon: Jesus, Dead and Buried (Luke 23:50-56)

Jesus, Dead and Buried

Luke 23:50-56


As move now to Jesus’ burial it is very important that we do not underestimate this event.  It’s not by mistake that all four Gospels contain the fact that Jesus was dead and buried.

Notice with me the extent to which Luke Goes and in such detail to assure his readers that Jesus is truly and completely dead.

Luke 23:50-56 (ESV)
50 Now there was a man named Joseph, from the Jewish town of Arimathea. He was a member of the council, a good and righteous man,
51 who had not consented to their decision and action; and he was looking for the kingdom of God.
52 This man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.
53 Then he took it down and wrapped it in a linen shroud and laid him in a tomb cut in stone, where no one had ever yet been laid.
54 It was the day of Preparation, and the Sabbath was beginning.
55 The women who had come with him from Galilee followed and saw the tomb and how his body was laid.
56 Then they returned and prepared spices and ointments. Continue reading “Sermon: Jesus, Dead and Buried (Luke 23:50-56)”

Sermon: The Death We Deserve (Luke 23:44-49)

The Death We Deserve

Luke 23:44-49


As we prepare to read from God’s Word today, I want us to be on the lookout for especially three things.  First, Luke tells us that for a period of three hours, from 12 Noon to 3 pm the sun went dark.  While this was going on another significant even was taking place, the veil in the Temple that separated the inner sanctuary from the Holy of Holies was torn in two.  Third, Jesus speaks His last words and then dies.

Primary Claim

Jesus died the death we deserve so God can give us the righteousness Jesus deserves.

Human Condition

In our fallen sinful state, we have the great need to be reconciled to God.  Because we are dead in our sin we cannot do anything ourselves concerning spiritual life.  Since the fall, where Satan told Eve, you will not surely die! Our great need is for a spiritual resurrection.  We needed desperately for a righteous Man to die for us so that God could count our debt as paid and free us from judgment.  Jesus is that sinless perfect sacrifice.

We have the great need to trust God in every circumstance.  When Jesus dies, He entrusts God with His Spirit.  This is a great example of how we too must trust God with everything, including our spirit. Continue reading “Sermon: The Death We Deserve (Luke 23:44-49)”