Category: Ecclesiastes

Sermon: The Wisdom of God (Ecclesiastes 9-12)

The Wisdom of God Ecclesiastes 9-12 Ecclesiastes, so far has shown us that life is more than material goods.  We saw that we cannot purchase purpose and meaning and especially, we cannot purchase happiness.  Life is more than stuff Luke 12:23 (ESV) For life… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Wisdom of God (Ecclesiastes 9-12)”

Sermon: The Grass-Is-Always-Greener Syndrome (Ecclesiastes 6-8)

The-Grass- is- Always- Greener Syndrome Ecclesiastes 6-8 Many of you have heard the old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side.  I can picture a farmer leaning against a wooden fence with a straw hat on examining the condition of… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Grass-Is-Always-Greener Syndrome (Ecclesiastes 6-8)”

Sermon: A Biblical Alternative to the Winter Blues (Ecclesiastes 3-5)

A Biblical Alternative to the Winter Blues I’m sick of the snow.  How much longer will it last? Will it snow next week?  How many school days will we have to make up? As we sit in the middle of Feb., we may find… Continue Reading “Sermon: A Biblical Alternative to the Winter Blues (Ecclesiastes 3-5)”

Sermon: The Puzzle of Significance (Ecclesiastes 1-2)

The Puzzle of Significance Plastic, cardboard, and painted on smiles are the things this world has to offer.  We find ourselves striving for these things because, so often, we think we will find happiness and meaning through what the world offers.  We believe lies… Continue Reading “Sermon: The Puzzle of Significance (Ecclesiastes 1-2)”