Category: Bible Reading 2012

Bible Reading WK 5 Joseph’s Life (Genesis 40-50)

Joseph’s Life  (Gen 40-50) Overview of Section Joseph is the forth person whose life is highlighted in Genesis.  While the promises of God’s covenant are fixed on Judah, Joseph’s life is detailed as a life of trust in difficult times.  Like the others, Joseph’s… Continue Reading “Bible Reading WK 5 Joseph’s Life (Genesis 40-50)”

Bible Reading Wk 4 Genesis 31-39

Jacob & Joseph(Gen. 31-39) Overview of Section In chapters 31-33, the account of Jacob continues to unfold.  Here, in these chapters, which cover the second half of Jacob’s life, we see that his heart is being transformed.  Jacob goes from one whose life is… Continue Reading “Bible Reading Wk 4 Genesis 31-39”

Bible Reading Jan 8-14

The Calling of Abraham (Genesis 11:27-23:20) Overview of Section This section of Genesis covers the first of four important chosen leaders of the people of God called The Patriarchs.  Abraham was called by God to leave his father in Ur and travel some one… Continue Reading “Bible Reading Jan 8-14”

Bible Reading Jan 1-7 2012

Jan 1-7: Four Significant Events  (Genesis 1-11:26) Overview of Section As you begin reading this week, focus your attention on the four significant events found in this first section of Genesis. 1. Creation by the Word…(Jn. 1:1-3; Col. 1:16; Heb. 11:3; 2 Pet. 3:5-7)… Continue Reading “Bible Reading Jan 1-7 2012”