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Today, From God’s Word

Refreshing the Hearts of the Saints One of the ways in which Paul greets his old friend Philemon is by saying that he has refreshed the hearts of the saints (verse 7).  Prior to this verse Paul explains how Philemon has refreshed the hearts… Continue Reading “Today, From God’s Word”

Sound Doctrine

A Word for the Day At Grace Community Church we care about what Scripture teaches.  The Bible calls this “sound doctrine”.  We care because sound doctrine is the difference between a vibrant strong faith fixed on Christ verses an imaginary faith based on an… Continue Reading “Sound Doctrine”

Continue in What You Have Learned

A Word for the Day The Christian life is a life of steadfastness and consistency.  It is a life of remaining true in the midst of adversity and suffering.  It’s also a life of remaining faithful to the Lord and to what He teaches… Continue Reading “Continue in What You Have Learned”

Christian Soldiers

A Word for the Day Did you know that as a Christian, you are a soldier in battle?  Everyday, we’re called to engage the enemy and to rescue captives as we lift the banner of Christ high for the world to see.  We have… Continue Reading “Christian Soldiers”