Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory-Part 3 2 Cor. 10:3-5

The New Religion and The Church

     Last week, we looked at the New Religion and the Plain Old Truth. We finished up the pillars of this cult by looking at the new priesthood and the new canon. We looked at all the other chaos going on in our culture right now and were set to look at the plain old Truth. Somehow, I lost about 25 minutes last week. I do not know where the time went and we did not get to this last point. But I made sure to weave it in throughout this lesson.

     I realize this study has been hard. It’s not been the most encouraging so far. We WILL get to that point. But sometimes, we need to let things just settle in a bit. Oftentimes, we go about in a daze, going from one event to the next without really grasping the magnitude of them. We need to see the seriousness of this. We need to see the danger. Hopefully, that will allow us to not only appreciate more of what God has given us, but to join in the fight as well.

     Today, we will look at The New Religion and The Church.

Ps. 11:3

     That’s a great question for where we are at right now. I have a picture here of what that verse represents. (Explain) 

     Satan hates us and is still trying to steal, kill, and destroy God’s people. We know the world is going to attack us. They hated Christ, so certainly they will hate us. An even greater and demoralizing problem comes when the church begins to attack. And that is exactly what is going on today. So, what do I mean that the church is starting to attack?

     Many churches have embraced crt and blm. I honestly don’t know if they realize that this acceptance of social justice also comes with aligning with aunty fay, marxism, communism, etc. Nor am I saying they do not belong to Christ. Some do. Some are false teachers. And it’s creating a dangerous situation in the church. Voddie makes the point that many aftershocks are as dangerous as the earthquakes the precede them.

Quote on P. 138

     Some popular and well-respected spiritual leaders; leaders we look up to; leaders of national and international ministries; have been sucked in by this. Some have, for some time now, been referred to as “conservative evangelicals.” Some major denominations are suffering because of this. When people who call themselves Christians embrace this philosophy, it raises more questions than it answers.

1 Corinthians 15:33-Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

I. Questions Without Answers

     We sing Ps. 42, “Lord from sorrows deep I call.” One of the phrases in that is, “Questions without answers.” Life, and our walk with Christ, already give us a few of those. Those types of questions greatly multiply if we give ourselves over to csj.  

Q. What are some of the problems that arise when believers give themselves over to this?

1. Abortion

     How in the world, as a believer, does one come to grips with csj and where they stand concerning abortion!! They don’t mention it, of course. They don’t deal with it. We need to force them to! They need to give an answer for that!

Job 29:12-17 (v. 14)

2. Racial Equity 

     The truth is that we DO NOT have a racial injustice problem. We were NOT set up to be a racist country. There are racists. There is racism. It will be that way in every part of the world until time is no more.

3. LGBQRST Rights

     We can include gender identity in this one. By the way, there now is a + sign after that. That’s so we can include any other deviation that might come along. It reminds me of the altar to the unknown god in Athens in Acts 17.

4. Voting Rights

     Not only WHO gets to vote. There’s been a war raging about that. We take away the “rights” of dogs and out of towners and even the dead and somehow that’s voter suppression. There’s also what’s called single issue voting. As believers, I believe we should vote for a candidate based on his views on abortion. Those on the other side, which now include some conservative evangelicals, believe that can’t be the only issue at stake in elections. Some of the issues they believe are as important are poverty, health care, smoking, racism, affordable childcare, and a higher minimum wage.    

Prov. 31:8-9

Ps. 82:1-2 (Me)

Jer. 22:16 (and numerous other verses)

5. Refugee Crisis

     We let ANYONE come across our borders; serious criminals, those who are infected, and we give them everything free. They are illegal aliens, but there’s a push to reterm them as refugees. Look at how we’ve given many of these problems new labels in order to appeal to the emotions. The majority of issues we’re dealing with are now settled by emotion, how we FEEL about something. As a society, we’ve stopped dealing with logic. We’ve stopped practicing and teaching the ability to think. When we elevate reason over God, we lose the ability to reason!

6. Gun Violence

     We’re commanded by God to protect others. We just read a number of Scriptures we could use for many of these questions.

7. Climate “Justice”

     We have enough to last us until God takes it away because of our denying Him or until Jesus comes back for us.

II. The Dallas Statement and Resolution 9

     The Southern Baptist denomination is the largest protestant denomination in the country. CSJ had been seeping into the denomination for a time. In June 2018, sixteen pastors and theologians, a few well known, got together to create what was called the Dallas Statement. It was a document that affirmed, once again, the doctrines of the Word and the Gospel. It was impressive. It was very well written. I would suggest that you read it. Although it’s not long, or exhaustive, it reminds me of a modern-day confession. It also went on to refute crt, inter-sectionality, and the other opinions of the social justice movement.

     Resolution 9 was the Southern Baptist’s answer to the Dallas Statement. The leaders and the committee that decides on resolutions wanted to soften the stance. Many were friendly towards the CSJ movement. In a break with tradition and policy, without allowing any discussion or dissension, the resolution affirming social justice was voted on and passed. It was a dizzying, shocking turn of events that not many saw coming. If this can happen in the largest protestant denomination in the country, it can happen anywhere to anybody.  

Ps. 82:5 (Me)


     This is one of the items we didn’t get to last week. In csj, sin and TEMPORARY forgiveness are based solely on the color of one’s skin. It does not deal with the hearts of men. So called evangelicals say that Scripture isn’t enough. It doesn’t have anything to say about this situation we’re in. It doesn’t have anything to say about racism. Yet, the Marxist religion from which csj comes from encompasses more than just race. Every attack that we’ve seen over these last 18 months has been against our Constitution and it’s for the purpose of setting up socialism/communism.     

     What is the solution? Is there even a solution to this deep-seated mess? Absolutely! It is the same solution that exists with EVERY problem, EVERY trial, EVERY decision we are faced with! And that is having a love for the Trinity and their Word. These religions are attacking more than just our Constitution. It is an attack against our God and His Word.

2nd Picture

     Voddie writes, “The attack on the sufficiency of Scripture should serve as a call to arms.” 

2 Cor. 10:3-5

2 Tim. 3:16-17

    God’s Word is, always has been, and always will be the final word.

2 Tim. 2:15

   Are you ready to believe, to trust, and to stand up for Christ?

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