Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory: The New Religion and The Plain Old Truth (part 2)

Last week, we looked at some Terms and The New Religion. We saw what Critical Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Intersectionality was. We looked at the theology of this new religion, this new cult, and discussed how it contained the 6 days of creation and the original sin of racism. I’ve entitled today’s lesson, The New Religion and The Plain Old Truth. I hope to finish out the tenets of this new religion today and briefly discuss the other events occurring in our culture. And stay tuned. You won’t want to miss the rest of this study. Next week, LORD willing, we’ll look at how the new religion has infiltrated the Church and the last week will be what we’re to do about it. Again, if you have any questions, please ask.

2 Cor. 10:3-5

I. The New Religion (cont.)

C. The New Priesthood

1. Only people of color, especially blacks, can understand oppression therefore they are the only ones who can legitimately teach about race. And all black share in this.

2. The only way whites can understand this is by elevating and heeding black voices.

3. This belief is a superior truth over all else.

D. A New Canon

There is a huge list of books, articles, films, and children’s resources that exists, and we’re told that they are important for us to embrace if we are to understand the oppression of the black people. There’s a Black Lives Matter reading list. Christianity Today came out with an article, “The Antiracist Curriculum White Evangelicals Need,” a list of books to help whites to become antiracists.

II. A New Chaos

Q. What are some of the events, other than CRT, that we have been bombarded with in this nation lately? (Now, this isn’t going to be a gripe session. It isn’t about rehashing every fact we know. It isn’t about getting carried away so others don’t have a chance to speak. We need to be disciplined here). We just want to take a brief look at the other major issues going on over the last few years in our culture. I’ve made a list and I’m confident I’ve forgotten a few. I started to put this is some

sort of loose timeline, but a lot of these things were happening at once and some were more serious than others. So, here goes.

1. Abortion-This is not recent! It is, and has been, a stench on this country’s record for a very long time. This holocaust was started by Margaret Sanger, a white woman who believed that blacks were inferior and wanted to eliminate them. She started what was called, “The Negro Project” in 1923, which was the forerunner to planned parenthood. The thing that makes this even more heartbreaking, even more twisted, is that the reason why this is still fresh news is because Critical Social Justice is not concerned about the KILLING of black babies but is concerned about having the ACCESS to abortions!

2. Education-This is extremely serious. That’s why I’ve placed it 2nd. From indoctrination of CRT to the 1619 project to perverted sex education. Leaving our children in this system without getting involved is assigning them to an earthly abyss. Just a couple weeks ago, Wall Street Journal investigative journalist Abigail Shrier stated that she believes that transgender activism could end our parental rights. She says, “You have teachers behaving like activists across the country who have no interest in actually teaching. They believe their job is to REMAKE your child.”

3. The Police- (The Colin Kaepernick Kneel-Sept., 2016 and Mario Woods) This started the resistance against police that has been termed, “the hunting and killing of innocent, unarmed, black men.” It usually follows with a list of names of those who were killed, many of whom were neither innocent nor unarmed. Some had records and/or were resisting arrest. A few on this list were killed, but not by cops. Whites, armed and unarmed, are killed by cops every year but the media doesn’t write much about those. Neither do they write about the cops killed by civilians. Later on, it was discovered that Colin Kaepernick’s wife was a Marxist and was a leader in BLM.

4. President Trump-The constant, unrelenting attacks on him.

5. The Communist Virus and masks-Projections haven’t come anywhere close, (Brian) 265 die out of 150,000 a day, .03 death rate, no surge of death, businesses and churches shut down, but not abortion clinics, still could go to sporting events.

6. BLM and Aunty Fay-Had the run of the streets and entire cities without any repercussions. DA and VP announced they weren’t going to charge any of them. One other thing we have to know is that BLM has maintained they are for the POC, those who are oppressed and mistreated by whites and cops and government fascists. Last week they announced support not for the people of Cuba, but for the socialist regime leading Cuba! That was an eye opener. That’s pretty telling concerning their ACTUAL intent.

7. Government and Media Censorship-It’s strange that the only misinformation out there that they remove is anything against their Marxist doctrine. Our founders stated that this was one of the surest ways to losing our freedoms. They will work their way down to attack the Word of God. On multiple fronts, they are trying to do away with free speech, free thinkers, free anything.

8. Vaccinations-just this past week it was revealed that Washington DC passed a law that children can be vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge! Papers can be filed at their schools with their names blotted out to keep the parents from knowing.

Prov. 6:16-19

Prov. 12:22-Abomination means, detestable or an object of loathing.

Prov. 18:17

Q. So why ignore all facts and create new ones? Why now?

1. The Holy Spirit has peeled back a little of the restraint He’s held over man.

2. Their standards do not come from God and His Word. They come from their god, from their father. They construct the events AND the stories behind them. From Lebron James to BLM to Aunty Fay to the government. They want power and money and the only things they want more than those are more power and more money! I never thought I would see the day where power became as important to man as money, but I think it has.

Prov. 17:7a-Excellent speech is not fitting for a fool….

Proverbs 24:7-Wisdom is too exalted for a fool….

Q. What do we see about all these events?

A. They are connected. They are not isolated incidents. It is a multi-pronged attack on every institution, every tradition, every way of life in this republic.

Q. Why?

A. It’s so their enemies have to put out too many fires. It is to divide and conquer. It is just like their father, the Devil.

Ps. 82:5

III. The Plain Old Truth

We have been inundated with lie after lie after lie over these past few years. The vast majority of life has become about emotion, how we feel about something. As a society, we have stopped teaching logic and the ability to think. As a society, we have stopped believing in absolute Truths, to the point where polls tell us that even church people don’t believe in absolute Truth anymore. And I intentionally say church people.

Ps. 11:3

The belief today is that Scripture isn’t enough. It’s old and outdated. It doesn’t have much to say about this situation we’re in. It doesn’t have much to say about

this race issue we’re in. That’s why we need this new canon. Whites need to do the unending work of fighting against racism (antiracism). It is yet another works-based righteousness.

I’m really champing at the bit here. This is the part where we hit you hard with the solutions to all this. We always want to leave you with the good news after the bad. But we need to let this settle in a bit. We need to see the seriousness and the danger we are in. The truth is that we DO NOT have a racial injustice problem. There is racism and there are racists. And it will be that way until time is no more.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

2 Tim. 2:15

Voddie writes that, “The attack on the sufficiency of Scripture should serve as a call to arms.” God’s Word is and always has been, the final Word!

We have been fearful. We have taken blow after blow. We’ve been rocked by all of this. It’s like a fighter that has been pummeled in the first few rounds and he’s surprised and reeling and not sure of what to do.

2 Peter 1:3-4

Jer. 1:10

The weapons we have are the Sword of the Spirit; the Word; and prayer, and righteousness (2 Cor. 6:7)

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