Disciple Hour: Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory (Terms and The New Religion)

This will be a different kind of study. We mostly go through books of the Bible, of course. Occasionally, we’ll cover books covered by Godly authors. Every great now and then, we’ll do a study concerning what affects us where we are at here at SGC or where we are culturally.  This is such a study.   Usually, I ask several questions, but this study there won’t be many, at least in this first week.  So, if you have questions, make sure you get my attention, and I will pass them along to Pastor Brain.  This, along with the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrate, is the most important current event study we have done. Thursday, I wondered if it was more important than I realized because my laptop fried and I could not retrieve the lesson, so I had to start over.

     Paul writes in a couple of his letters…” we don’t want you to be unaware…”  That is why the Elders wanted to cover this. We are not experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we are concerned and ready to stand for Christ in this.  We will not stand by while enemies of Christ assault His people! To borrow language from Acts (17:6), “These men who have upset the world have come here also.” So, we want to cover this for 2 reasons: 

1. We need to know what they are teaching and how to respond to it. 

2.  We want to grow more in love with Christ and His Word.

     I have entitled this study “Critical Errors of Critical Race Theory”. The two uses of this word critical are different. The “critical” in critical errors means indispensable, necessary or vital.  The “critical” in Critical Race Theory involves criticizing severely and unfavorably. 

1 Timothy 1:18-It is time God’s people rise up for the cause of Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

     In chapters 10-13, Paul is addressing those who were still being influenced by false teachers. He was being falsely accused. 

     This word destroying means, take down. For us, this is a wrestling move that wipes the legs out from an opponent to gain control over him. It also means, to dethrone. This immediately reminds us of Satan and the falling he experienced at the hands of our God. The word speculations mean a thought or reasoning. It implies a philosophy. In Rom. 1:21, Paul writes that “They became futile in their speculations.” In 2 Tim. 2:23, he tells us to “Refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce quarrels.”  

     2 Cor. 10:3-5 is very important for where we are at. It will be our base during this study.  We will start and finish with it.  This IS a spiritual battle.  


A. It has its beginning in Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory. Karl Marx was a German philosopher who, around the 1880’s, viewed society as different social classes competing for a limited pool of resources such as food, employment, education, etc. He envisioned only 2 classes: the wealthy class and the working class. His desire was that a small group, which included himself, would have the wealth and power to control the common, working man. Marxism led to the philosophies of socialism and communism. And yet this failed to eradicate capitalism.

     When this failed to defeat capitalism, in the early 1900’s a group developed Critical Theory as an extension of Conflict Theory. This addressed the social structures that created injustices.


A. Instead of the wealthy vs. working class, Critical Race Theory replaces those two groups with race. It encompasses the whites vs. other people of color, with whites being the oppressors and people of color being the oppressed. It is concerned not with reform, but with revolution. That’s why they are not concerned with “reforming” the police but rather “defunding” or abolishing the police.

     Many people are dumbfounded at the lack of common sense of critical race theory. It’s as if people think that CRT and its advocates have good intentions but are just going about it in a screwy way. Brothers and Sisters, all of this is very intentional. It is a plan for the purpose of destroying capitalism, freedom, the working class, free speech, etc. It is not interested in repairing anything. It is not concerned with solutions.  It is merely pointing out all the problems that exist, attacking them, and demanding justice. 

Romans 1:18-23

Romans 1:28-31

Rom. 3:13-18


A.  Possessing multiple layers of oppression that all intersect. For example, if you are black, you are oppressed. But if you are a woman, poor, or a lesbian, you will experience multiple layers of oppression.

     We have seen the tenants of CRT, but we need to see that it is more than a philosophy. 


A.  A world view, a religion, a cult. How can we call it a religion?  

A.  The Six Days of Creation.

1. White people created whiteness- A set of privileges granted to white skinned people for the purpose of oppressing and enslaving black people.

2. White people created white privilege- A series of unearned advantages to white people by virtue of their whiteness.

3. White people created white supremacy- A belief or system that supports, promotes, or enhances white privilege. 

4. White people created white complicity- White people contribute to maintain the system of racial injustice.  

5.  White people created white equilibrium- the belief system that allows white people to remain comfortably ignorant.

6.  White people created white fragility- the inability and unwillingness of white people to talk about race due to these other 5 principles. A denial of guilt is proof of guilt. 

B. The Original Sin of Racism.

     This is like our doctrine of total depravity. We are born into it. Racism is ENGRAINED in us and EVERYTHING we do. Even if we weren’t guilty of acts of oppression (which we are), our ancestors were guilty of acts of oppression. So, even if we aren’t, but they were, we are. Our entire way of life is racist, our beginning, history, education, our laws, the justice system, healthcare, advancement, etc.

Quote on Pg. 87

     This is a religion where there is no salvation, no forgiveness. 

C. The New Priesthood

1.  Only people of color, especially blacks, can understand oppression therefore they are the only ones who can legitimately teach about race. And all black share in this.

2. The only way whites can understand this is by elevating and heeding black voices.

3. This belief is a superior truth over all else.

D. A New Canon

     There is a huge list of books, articles, films, and children’s resources that are important to embrace if we are to understand the oppression of the black people.

2 Timothy 3:16-17


     Brothers and Sisters, for us here, this MUST NOT AND WILL NOT be about white vs. black. We must resist the strong urge to become angry and defensive over or against any group. God through the account of Genesis teaches us there is one race…the human race. There is a small group leading the charge that ought to be opposed. But we also have a large group of people who are in the middle, who are being used and manipulated. A group who has been hurt and abused but don’t know how to respond because they do not have a God who loves them and will give them rest. If they are not rescued, they will become like the gods they serve. Voddie Baucham writes that one of the main issues here is social justice vs. biblical justice. I would label it as a social gospel; a false gospel; verses the true Gospel. What we are experiencing is an all-out assault on God and His Word. We will look mat that a little more next week.

Romans 3:9-18

2 Cor.10:3-5

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