Dear Sovereign Grace Family,

I pray you’ve taken the opportunity to keep up with the Sunday morning sermon posts.  We plan on doing those each Lord’s Day so that we can still hear God’s Word proclaimed on a regular basis even though we are apart.  Our plans are to also add a link or two so that you can listen to a couple of selected song/hymns that go along with the sermon for the day.  Also, look for additional posts by the elders in the coming days. 

Lord willing, today we will be posting the first installment of Thomas Watson’s The Art of Divine Contentment.  I pray as we are introduced to the Puritans we will all grow closer to Christ as we are encouraged by the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us.  It’s my prayer that we come to trust Him even more by learning just how vital it is to be content.

It looks like for our safety and the safety of those around us we will not be meeting as a congregation for two more weeks.  The elders met via conference video for prayer and discussion last night.  We believe it’s best to take two more weeks off.  We want to care for you, your families and our neighbors.  We also believe it’s right to submit to our governing authorities.  We want to reevaluate things every two weeks even though we think this may go on even longer.

Our next schedule of closures…

Wed April 1- Closed

Sunday April 5 Closed

Wed April 8 Closed

Sunday April 12 Closed

Wed April 15 Closed

We REALLYdon’t like missing Easter Sunday (April 12) and yet we also know God is sovereign and is working all things for our good.  When we do begin meeting once again we’d like to reschedule Easter Sunday and dedicate one Lord’s Day to celebrating the Resurrection together.

As your Pastor, I want to ask you to reach out to one another by email, phone, Facebook, and regular mail to encourage one another.  Use the church directory to pray for ALL our folks regularly.  This is a very important time for us to pull together in this crisis and to be strengthened by the body.  It’s also a time for faith and trust in Christ.  Always remember we have the answers the world is looking for.  We are confident and joyful when the world is unsure and anxious.  What a day for the Gospel to shine brightly!  God is truly doing some amazing things in our midst and has been for many years…That’s all for now.

To God be all the glory,

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Brian

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