3.20.2020: Coronavirus Update for our church…

Dear Church Family,

In these days we find ourselves in a new place. We have never experienced quarantines, lockdowns, closures, banning of mass gatherings, national emergency from a virus etc. While I do think on one hand there is a fear that the lost world is projecting through the media because of this unknown intruder we, as God’s people do not need to fear but trust Him in all things.

The Bible is very clear when it tells us to trust in the Lord. True trust doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take some balanced precautions. The key is while taking precautions, we trust God and are not afraid. For example, we lock our doors at night before we go to bed we lock our cars when we leave them in a busy place. We take these actions and still trust God.

A precaution that we really don’t necessarily want to take but believe it is what we should do is to cancel our church services for the next two weeks during this emergency situation. As your elders we feel this is the best way we can shepherd and care for you. We cannot in good conscience risk your health and the health of others during these days. So, to best care for you and love our neighbor we believe this is the best mode of action.

We met last week while many larger churches cancelled because there was a ban on 100+ people gathering in one room together and our numbers are fewer. However, on Monday based on input from doctors and the CDC our Governor reduced that figure to 50+ that impacts our church. Based on Romans 13 we are called to submit to our government and local authorities because God has instituted them. We would never submit if we were being told to stop preaching the Gospel but in this case I do believe doctors, healthcare providers, CDC and our governor have our best interests at heart.

We will closely monitor the situation and update you regularly.

Please take this time and pray for our church family, contact each other regularly to see if there are needs you can meet, stay in the Word, pass along any verse(s) you find encouraging, call, email and text each other. Pray that through the world’s fear and through our steady trust in God there will be opportunities to share the Gospel.

(Psalm 91)

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Brian


Here’s our current schedule of cancellations…

Sunday 3-22-19 (Not Meeting)

Wed. 3-25-10 (Not Meeting)

Sunday 3-29-19 (Not Meeting)

Wed. 4-1-19 (Not Meeting)


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