Sermon: The Leaven of the False Teachers (Part 2) Matthew 16:5–12

Truth Taught- We must be aware of and avoid false teaching in all its forms

Last time we looked at the Gospel of Matthew we saw the first part of this section.  We looked intently at the false teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Their teaching Jesus calls leaven.  What He meant by this is that a small pinch of false doctrine will permeate the entire group or church.  Their’s had permeated Judaism to the point that traditions had taken hold and had overshadowed what God had actually said.  False teaching only needs to miss the mark by a little bit to create a complete system that is light years away from the original.

Picture this if you will…rain falls on the tin roof of a house.  As the water runs down the roof to the west, it ends up in the Pacific Ocean and the water that runs off the east side ends up in the Atlantic Ocean.  The drops of rain may only be an inch apart when they hit the ridge or peak of the roof but they end up thousands of miles apart.  The same can be said of false doctrine.  It may be just slightly off but as it penetrates and permeates the church it can lead us light years away from where we should be.

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Sermon The Leaven of the False Teachers Matthew 16:1–12

Truth Taught- We must be aware of and avoid false teaching in all its forms

Last time we saw Jesus’ ministry among the Gentiles in the area that was the east side of the Sea of Galilee.   The final verse in Chapter 15 tells us that He got into a boat and travelled back to the region of Magadan, back into Jewish territory on the west side of the Sea of Galilee.  No sooner does He get there than the Religious leaders, the Pharisees and Sadducees look to come to Him.  The opposition is growing.  Jesus again denounces their false teaching calling it leaven.  Like yeast that permeates an entire lump of dough so too false teaching, left unchecked, will filter through the entire group.

False teaching is everywhere today.  Every new technology affords another means for the false teacher to promote his heresy or as Jesus calls it in our text today, their own form of leaven.

If you watch any television, listen to any radio or podcasts, keep up on the news, or interact at depth with just about anyone in modern society, you are being exposed to some form of false teaching. If you cannot identify any voices you hear as false, it’s not because you aren’t being exposed, but because you’re falling for it in some way.

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Genesis 29

Sermon: God’s Commands or Human Traditions Matthew 14:34-15:9

Truth Taught- It is sin to place anything on the same level as God’s Word and to do so greatly affects our understanding of God and worship of God 

Matthew 14:34–15:9 (ESV) 

Here is a very interesting account of Jesus’ compassion to a random crowd that came out to meet Him just outside of Capernaum.  Gennesaret lies about three miles away.  They knew Jesus was a great Healer.  They brought all their sick out to Him to be healed.  This is another crowd that seems to just want health and for them Jesus is the means to that end.  I pray you noticed that as we have gone through Matthew’s Gospel we have seen mostly crowds who were not really interested in Jesus, only what He could give them.

Two weeks ago we saw the crowd that received the food.  It was this coupled with Jesus’ healings that caused them to seek to make Him their King.  

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Sermon: Jesus, the Son of God Matthew 14:22–33

Truth Taught- Jesus proves to His disciples that He is the Son of God


Our text today is a passage that we must be careful to guard against a humanistic interpretation.  What I mean is because we are self-centered by nature our first impulse is to conclude that when we are in the storms of life Jesus will come to us.  When we are afraid and the waves are encompassing us and things are outside of our control Jesus will come to our aid.  For God’s people, those things are true but that is not what this text teaches, it’s not why this passage is here.  It teaches something far greater.  If we settle for a man centered teaching we will miss the surpassing riches of this passage.

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Sermon: Our Compassionate Savior and the Great Open-Air BanquetMatthew 14:13-20

Truth Taught- Jesus shows us His compassionate heart as He creates bread for those who have come to hear Him Matthew 13

In Matthew’s Gospel he presents in chapter 13 many parables of our Lord.  We saw our Lord’s amazing teaching through His word-pictures depicting the Kingdom of God.  Now, in Chapter 14 our author takes us to see Jesus’ miracles.  Our first stop is the Feeding of the 5000.

This event has many features and points to notice along the way.  

The Feeding of the 5000 appears in all four Gospels.  Apart from the Cross event only four other things are contained in all four Gospels: The beginning of Jesus’ ministry, The triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Peter’s denial, foretelling of Judas’ betrayal.  So, the point is that all the Gospels contain this miracle so they thought it to be very important to include it.

If one is to get a full picture of this event all four Gospel accounts should be read.  What one has, the others might leave out.  For example, as one reads these different accounts there are details that give us a fuller picture.  Here is a small detail that is somewhat important.

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